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At iPlan, we work for the joy and adventure of being a trusted member of our client's team. For us,
it's personal

We empower our clients by making complex business processes and advanced technology work for them in their environment with their people.

We are experts in business process design and implementation. We design our clients' to-be business process blueprints; then build and implement system solutions that work optimally with modern technology; and we enable successful transition of the people organization through a discontinuous change event such as a Go-live. We project manage complete ERP and similar business system implementation projects for our clients; and we do much more.

Quick contacts:
Head Office in Pretoria: +27 87 702 6369
USA office in Columbia, SC: +1 803 741-5857
Australia office in Perth: +61 40 915 9209 
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We are a group of enthusiastic professionals who own our own business and work for the joy and adventure of becoming a trusted partner of our client's team. We personally commit to do whatever is necessary to make complex business processes and advanced technology work for our client.

iPlan have more than 50 full-time employees: primarily engineers, accountants and information technology experts. We average 1.3 university degrees per employee and our average age is 34.

  • Our academic qualifications range from Doctorate in Engineering through several Masters Degrees, including MBA's; to Bachelors and Honours degrees in Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Operations Research and Mathematical Statistics; to National Diplomas in Programming, Cost and Management Accounting, Company Law and Taxation.
  • iPlan's professionals are certified CPIM's (by the American Production and Inventory Control Society), Professional Engineers (by the Engineering Council of South Africa), Chartered Accountants (by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants), Quality Engineers (by the American Society for Quality Control) and Microsoft Certification (by Microsoft).
  • We have accreditation in ERP systems such as SAP, SYSPRO and Microsoft Dynamics and in Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server (including Analysis, Integration and Reporting Services) and .Net (C#)
Our clients trust us to make complex business processes and advanced technology work for them in their environment with their people.

We are experts in all aspects of business systems implementation. We design To-be Business Process Blueprints; we project manage complete ERP and similar business system implementation projects; and we plan and manage large scale people preparation programs to transition the human capital through a discontinuous change event such as Go-live.

  • iPlan has a track record of projects in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, mines, farms, saw mills, pack houses and retail outlets; in supply chains for luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, food and beverages, agricultural products, construction and aviation.
  • We literally wrote the book on ERP strategy: 'Thinking about ERP - the Executive's guide to setting strategy for selecting, implementing and operating ERP' can be bought as a Kindle electronic book from Amazon. A summary of the different strategies depending on the class of ERP project as described in the book can be downloaded from here on the Downloads tab.
  • We are experts in the very specific change management projects required to ensure that when a planned discontinuous change event is due, our client's people are ready, willing and able to mange the sudden transition. Our white paper 'The Transition Model for Change Management on an ERP Implementation Projects' is an example and can be downloaded from here on the Downloads tab.
We work for the joy and adventure of being a trusted partner of our client's team; working at our clients' premises for the duration of the project and wherever we may be needed.

Our icon symbolizes a globe to indicate the personal willingness of every individual in our team of mobile professionals to relocate anywhere. Our regional offices at various locations in South Africa, Australia and America serve as coordination centres with the real work happening at our clients' sites.

We have a track record of projects in the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong; the whole of South Africa; and other African locations including Uganda, Namibia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and the Congo.

iPlan CuroQuip is a SYSPRO add-on application for scheduling, tracking, and controlling works orders related to any type of self-owned, and/or customer owned equipment. CuroQuip is built within SYSPRO and specifically for SYSPRO which allows for seamless integration between CuroQuip and other SYSPRO modules.

For more information, follow this link to the CuroQuip Demonstration video:

four functional areas:

  • Internal Maintenance solution ensures equipment availability for all operational activities through adequate planning, preventative maintenance and the effective handling of breakdowns.
  • Customer Services module offers a complete solution for quoting, planning, scheduling and invoicing of customer works orders which assists the entire service department allowing for exceptional customer services.
  • Rental Equipment within CuroQuip tracks every piece of equipment available for rent or that is rented out. Visibility of equipment versus planned maintenance within CuroQuip allows planners to prioritise and plan equipment maintenance vs rental requirements.
  • Fleet Management is a solution for tracking fleet and managing fleet operations.

Thinking about ERP

iPlan literally 'wrote the book' on ERP strategies.

iPlan's professionals have been ERP project managers since the eighties, through much advancement in the technology, and in many locations around the world. Over time, a wealth of practical experience and deep expertise in this field has been amassed.  

In the book 'Thinking about ERP', we address the strategies a decision maker should consider when thinking about selecting, implementing and operating an ERP system.

The book is available to buy in electronic format at Amazon's Kindle store: search for 'Thinking about ERP'

iPlan Corporate Profile
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iPlan Transition Model for Change Management
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The Transition model for Change management on an ERP Implementation
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iPlan and SYSPRO
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iPlan EMS
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Summary of ERP Strategies
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